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The belts and hoses in your Subaru vehicle are great examples of parts that can be easily overlooked. They do play a large role in how your vehicle runs. Checking both your belts and hoses for wear and tear can keep your vehicle running smoothly. You have two belts in your Subaru vehicle. These are known as the serpentine belt and the timing belt. Another name for your serpentine belt is the drive belt. Both the serpentine and timing belt perform very important tasks. The job of the serpentine belt/drive belt is to bring power to everything in your engine. While the job of the timing belt is technically timing when to open and close your engine's valves. With such important jobs there is really no need for explanation as to why they need to be maintained. The hoses in your vehicle consist of the upper and lower radiator hoses and the water heater hoses. The hoses carry the various fluids used in your vehicle. Checking both your belts and hoses for cracks and leaks is essential. Replacing your belts and hoses as needed can save you a lot in costly engine repairs down the road. Be sure to purchase genuine OEM belts and hoses when you need to replace yours. They will be made of quality materials guaranteed to fit your vehicle. Shop our webstore from the convenience of your home and have your belts and hoses shipped directly to you.

Timing Belt
Part Number: 13028AA21B
Other Names: Engine Timing Belt
Replaces: 13028AA21A, 13028AA21C
Description: 2.5L. Outback. To 02/04/2002. All models. Baja. Legacy.
  • Subaru:
    • Baja,
    • Legacy,
    • Outback
MSRP $99.95
MSRP $99.95

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