Door Sills

When we purchase a vehicle, we want to keep it in good condition so it will not only last longer but also so it will retain some of its value for resale or trade. The door sills on your vehicle are something that you most likely do not pay much attention to. You enter and exit your Subaru many times a day with seldom a thought. The door sill areas are where your step in and out. It's a place of solid footing. It is a high traffic area for not only you but your passengers and maybe even your pets. As this is an area of frequent use our door sills can become scratched up and damaged. One way to avoid this from happening is to use door sill protectors. Door sill protectors are placed over your existing door sills. If you look at your door sills and find that they are beyond being protected you can replace them altogether. The door sills on your Subaru vehicle are held in place by a series of screws. You can replace them with genuine OEM door sills, straight from the manufacturer. When you choose to replace them you can install a door sill protector on them for immediate protection. We sell OEM quality door sills and protectors on our webstore. Check out our great selection.

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