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Oil filters for your Subaru vehicle play an important role in engine functionality and performance as well as protection. It is the job of the oil filter to filter out contaminants from your vehicle's oil that can accumulate over time. Oil filters shield against residue and containment buildup, keeping your oil purified for the best output. Build-up is the number one reason we need to remember to change these filters. You want the engine in your Subaru vehicle to run clean and smooth. Changing your oil filter is recommended every time you change your oil. Think of it as a fresh start, new oil, new oil filter. Of course you need a quality oil filter when it comes time to replace yours. A genuine OEM oil filter will do a much better job in protecting your vehicle's engine. It will trap more of the potentially harmful contaminants. Filter manufacturers use a variety of filter media to keep the oil clean. Purchasing an OEM oil filter means your filter will come straight from your vehicle's manufacturer. It will be made for your Subaru vehicle to fit correctly and bring you the best protection. We sell OEM oil filters on our webstore. Stock up on yours today.

Oil Filter
Part Number: 15208AA170
Other Names: Engine Oil Filter
Description: Oil Filter Complete. Quantity RequiRed: 1. Genuine Subaru Oil and Oil Filters The Only oil and filter formulated specifically for the...
  • Subaru:
    • BRZ,
    • WRX
MSRP $9.58
MSRP $9.58

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