Your vehicle's suspension and its various components are critical parts that ensure efficient performance and reduce strain on your vehicle's braking system/wheels. The suspension on your Subaru vehicle is a system composed of many parts. The system itself is comprised of the frame, steering system, tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages. All these parts work together helping to support the weight of your vehicle, absorb the shock, maintain your tire contact, and basically keep your vehicle riding smoothly. The shocks along with the shock absorbers carry the most stress among these parts. That being said , if you are experiencing problems within your suspension system, check your shocks and shock absorbers first. There are other parts within your system as well, things like springs, ball joints, tie rod ends, sway bars and struts that should be regularly monitored to ensure they are functioning properly. Suspension problems are something that you can often notice when driving your vehicle. Paying attention to the bounce of your vehicle is one way to be alert to a possible problem within the system. When you replace your suspension parts be sure to use genuine OEM parts. These parts work well with your vehicle as they come from your vehicle manufacturer. Shop our webstore for all your Subaru's suspension needs.

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